Driving School in MallowWe provide a questionaire with frequently asked questions under the bonnet check list.

We have put together a comprehensive document on correct driving methods which you can study in your own time.

We provide a Driving Test form and a pre test to show you your faults and let you see what a real driving test is like.

» What is a Bus Lane?
It is for the exclusive use of buses, taxis and cyclists within the specific times.

» What does a Clearway sign mean?
No stopping or parking during clearway hours (other than buses and taxis).

» What do two continuous white lines in the center of the road mean?
Restricted vision on both sides: keep left, no overtaking, no parking, no U-turns.

» What is Aquaplaning?
It is when a film of water builds up between the tyres and the road at high speed (leads to loss of control).