Essential Driver Training

What is Essential Driver Training?

EDT stands for Essential Driver Training, a course for learner drivers with permits for category B vehicles, such as cars

Box Junction

At a box junction marked with yellow criss-cross lines you must not enter unless the way through to the exit

Illegal to park

Where is it Illegal to Park?

Lots of people don’t realise there are so many places it is illegal to park. These include:


Approaching roundabouts look well ahead. The sign will enable you to select the most suitable lane on which to approach


Reversing is not as difficult to master as you might think it just needs practice for you to become confident

Turning the Car

When turning the steering wheel avoid crossing your hands. Feed the rim of the wheel through your hands. Vary your

Road and Weather Conditions

Effects of Road and Weather Conditions

Wet Weather Visibility can be made worse because at higher speeds vehicles, especially large ones, throw up more spray. Ice


What is a Hazard? A hazard is any situation which could involve adjusting your speed or changing course. To identify

Stopping in an Emergency

In normal conditions a good driver should not need to brake really hard. However, emergencies can happen – for instance,

Speed and Stopping Distance

Stopping distances can be found in your Rues of the Road Book. For dry conditions on page 95 and page

Vehicle Safety

Safety Checks on your vehicle Getting started: Starting to drive isn’t just a matter of starting the engine and driving

Gears for beginners

When people start to drive they sometimes find it hard to make sense of the gears. This is a brief

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