Where is it Illegal to Park?

Lots of people don’t realise there so many places it is illegal to park. These include:

On motorways, within the zigzag lines at a pedestrian crossing, on clearways, where there are single and double continuous white lines in the centre of the road, in a bus or cycle lane, when operative, near a road junction, facing oncoming traffic at night, obscuring a traffic sign, on a pavement, blocking any entrance or where parking restrictions apply, fire station/hospital entrances, parking opposite another vehicle on a narrow road, double parking and parking at road repairs, where prohibited by traffic sign or roadway marking, bus stop or taxi rank, school entrances, foot-ways, grass margins or a medium strip, casual trading reserve, with flow bus lane, cycle track, loading bay, at a corner bend, brow of a hill or hump back bridge, within 5 metres of a road junction.

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